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As independent advisers, the focus of our recommendations is on you. With no "house brands" to promote, we make our unique planning needs and goals our driving, primary goal.


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Everyone has a life story and vision of retirement that is unique. Since 1992, we have been helping clients write their retirement stories by defining their goals and helping them write the chapters that will make their plans a reality.


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Good communication is one of the biggest benefits of our being local and independent. We love having clients visit and we answer the door in person. When it is your financial future we are talking about, it is nice to know that expert guidance is only a call away.


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Who We Are

It is a captivating story: Two people with a shared vision for truly making a difference in the lives of others, both with substantial experience in financial services, venturing out in 1992 to launch their own financial planning firm. Add the fact that they are married to each other and the story gets even more interesting. Instead of drama though, what Larry and Jeannie DeGraaf have forged over the years is a firm with a genuine culture of caring. It is now highly regarded for its full team of like-minded professionals who share the DeGraafs' original vision.

Our Philosophy 

We are here to take care of people. To provide them financial progress and protection. To offer them our genuine desire for their financial success. Simply put, we are here so you can live well. So you can be confident in your financial foundation. And so you can look forward to and be prepared for your retirement.

  • We solve rather than sell
  • We are independent
  • We plan, implement, and protect
  • We offer only the plans and products we would use ourselves
  • We effectively balance work, life, and family
  • We move clients from wealth creation to wealth accumulation to wealth distribution
  • Most importantly, we put our clients' interests above our own


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