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the independent difference

It really makes all the difference in the world. As independent advisors, the focus of our recommendations is on you. With no "house brands" we're required to promote, we make your unique planning needs and goals our driving, primary goal.

From the beginning, we chose to remain independent, which means our interest in terms of financial products and guidance is that which best fits each client's individual situation. With no affiliation or influence from any other organization toward specific financial products, we're free to focus exclusively on helping you achieve your goals. 

helping you write your retirement story

At DeGraaf, we build relationships by getting to know your story—not just your financial situation but your broader life goals as well. Not through computerized programs or formulas, but through thoughtful, old-fashioned conversation. It's a deeper level of understanding that guides our planning process. And why we also see every client as a friend—all so that you can be comfortable working with us, confident in our expertise, and relaxed knowing everything's taken care of.

Everyone has a unique life story—and a vision of retirement that's just as individual. Since 1992, we've been helping clients write their retirement stories by defining their goals and helping them write the chapters that will make their plans a reality. 

easy to talk with—anytime

We believe our clients appreciate how easy we are to work with. To us, good communication is one of the biggest benefits of our being local and independent—no bureaucratic hoops to jump through or confusing phone trees for clients to navigate. Instead, we love having clients visit and answer the phone in person. Plus, we reach out to talk with all of our managed accounts on a regular basis. When it's your financial future we're talking about, it's nice to know that expert guidance is only a call away.